When I moved to Los Angeles I knew I wouldn’t have time to study for the GMAT on my own. Like many on here I have a time consuming job that takes away a lot of energy and motivation for the nightly grind of GMAT studying. Previous experiences with the test and with other studying methods had left me frustrated and underachieving; I literally couldn’t have been further from my goal of getting into a high level MBA program. Enter Andrew. I found him on his website while looking for a tutor who had both a top score themselves and an hourly rate that was competitive. Andrew has his MBA from UCLA and charges less than his equally qualified counterparts so it was a no brainer. Andrew and I met a couple times a week over the course of 3 months. Overall I couldn’t be happier; my score improved by 100 points and I’ll be following Andrew’s footsteps and starting at UCLA Anderson this fall. Thanks Andrew!

Mike B.

Excellent investment on Andrew. I chose him in order to improve especially my verbal score on GMAT, as I’m not a native English speaker. We worked a lot (a total of 20 hours) and Andrew has showed an incredible ability to understand which was the best method to improve verbal skills. The result has been amazing and I was admitted to MSc in Finance at Bocconi, ESSEC and ESADE and offered a place to London School of Economics Summer School. My GMAT score has been decisive for my admissions and I’m sure that investing on Andrew is a good way to achieve your goals.

Michele I.

I contacted Andrew for the preparation of the GMAT quantitative part. Andrew was fundamental for me to reach my needed score and I eventually got accepted to my desired master program in Milan. Andrew is very professional, extremely prepared and makes everything understandable by using effective, intuitive ways to represent problems and their solution. Since I live in Europe, I attended my course on Skype; by sharing his screen with me, he presented me questions and solved them on a whiteboard. As we live in very far time zones, it could have been difficult to arrange the lessons, but Andrew was very flexible and ready to meet my schedule. I think Andrew is the perfect fit for every kind of student, both beginners and advanced; he will help you a lot by giving you the instruments to reach your desired score.

Beatrice B.

Andrew tutored me for months before I took the GMAT. I can comfortably say, I wouldn’t have gotten close to the score I did without his help. I basically had to start my quantitative skills from square one, and not only was he so patient & flexible, but he also offered so many different ways and techniques to solve problems, so that I could choose what worked best for me and my time management. He gave very good advice on other sections of the exam, although I hired him solely for the quantitative section. Besides his knowledge and skill, Andrew is very professional & you can tell he truly cares. He really worked around my schedule & there was many times he went over our session to finish a concept without charging (even though he was the most affordable tutor I found with his skill set/ level). I highly recommend his services! Got into USC and waitlisted for UCLA – definitely not possible without his help.

Natalie B.

Andrew was an excellent tutor. I am beyond satisfied with my experience and would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone. I started by researching a few different tutors online, and what I really liked about Andrew right off the bat was that he was eager to talk on the phone before offering any sort of quote. Other tutors send back canned email responses with their standard rates and recommendations, but when I reached out to Andrew he was very concerned with learning about my specific situation before recommending a particular course of study. Add to that the fact that his prices were much more reasonable than the competition, and signing up was a no-brainer. Studying for the GMAT is not super fun (shocker), but Andrew made it as easy and painless as it could possibly be. He gave me homework assignments each week to make sure I had structure and made progress between sessions. And the sessions themselves were super productive. Andrew is really excellent at explaining concepts and breaking down questions in a way that makes them easy to understand. He also helps you think strategically about the exam so that you can recognize patterns and understand the questions behind the question. I took the GMAT once before hiring Andrew and was unhappy with my score. After six weeks of working together, I got my target score, which was 100 points higher. Thank you Andrew!

Jenny R.

When I made the decision to apply to graduate school, I knew I needed help to prepare for the GMAT and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. Andrew is patient, kind, and an expert in all things GMAT. He respects your time, always makes sure you understand the material before moving on to the next topic and, best of all, we had fun. I know there’s no way I could have done this without him. Thank you Andrew!

Christina G.

I started working with Andrew throughout the past few months and he definitely knows how to cater to your needs. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable about the GMAT, and gives you the extra motivation you need in order to succeed. He personalizes each tutoring session to make sure you are working at your pace. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone who is looking for a personal tutor and wants to achieve a high score on their GMAT!

Alex K.

After many years of being out of school, I decided to start prepping for the GMAT test and quickly realized I needed help. I did some on-line research and came across Andrew. He an excellent tutor, recognized my weak spots, helped me gained the knowledge and confidence necessary to take the test and achieve my personal best. I highly recommend him for all your test prep needs!

Monica M.

I started studying for the GMAT without really knowing what I was getting myself into. The information and test both felt overwhelming. I searched for a tutor and came across Andrew’s name and put my info into his website. I was immediately called back and we set up a meeting where he could judge where I was at in my prep. It was safe to say I was at ground level and needed a lot of help. We started working towards my goal and knew right away he was the right tutor. He structures your tailored plan by giving you homework and takes out a lot of the monotony that comes with prepping for the GMAT. Andrew is extremely organized and is always on time as well as flexible if my schedule changed. I felt like he really cared about my growth as a student and how I performed on the GMAT, he takes working with you personal, which I found refreshing. Andrew is extremely good at taking information and making it relatable to you no matter of your skill level. I ended up scoring higher than I thought I would and owe it to Andrew. I would recommend working with him to anyone who wants to get better and accomplish their goals.

Mike C.

Back in Q3 2015, I was really stuck in a rut studying for my 2nd round of GMATs. So, I made a decision to find a way to hold myself more accountable – rather than online studying via Manhattan GMAT. I found Andrew via Wyzant. Andrew is an excellent tutor – really knows his material. But most importantly, he knows how to tailor your session. He makes sure he understands what goals you’re trying to achieve and keeps that in mind. He also assigns some HW to keep all the material fresh. I also really appreciated that he was flexible with location and timing. We agreed on the local library near my work so that I could stop by after work.

Tiffany H.

I recently decided to go back for a master’s degree after completing my undergrad in 2001 from CSUN. I took my GMAT with no studying or support and got a decent score. However, I needed to boost my total so hired Andrew to get me there. Andrew met with me once a week over the course of two months. He helped me regain my math fundamentals that I had forgotten over the years. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter and does a great job of training you for the GMAT. He is also very good at explaining the questions and answers in detail. I was able to retake my GMAT and boosted my score by 70 points which gave me the score I needed to get accepted to USC. I am grateful to Andrew for his hard work and dedication and have him to thank for my master’s program acceptance!

Omer S.

only had 2 weeks to increase my GMAT Quant Score. I called Andrew and we worked together for 10 hours over the course of the 2 weeks. I just took the exam and my Quant Score went from a 43 to a 48! From the 50th percentile to the 70th percentile! I can’t speak highly enough of Andrew. If you do the work he assigns, he can pinpoint what you need to work on and give you the confidence you need to improve your score! Increasing my score by that much that quickly would not have been possible without Andrew 🙂

Lauren H.

After a few months of GMAT studying, I realized I would need personalized help on the quantitative section. I found Andrew by Googling GMAT tutors in the Los Angels area, and I am very lucky to have stumbled across his page. When I called him for an initial consultation, I told him my specific situation and difficulties with the quant and he was able to suggest the right books that would get me on track. When I started studying with him, he gave clear directions on what to study at home and was really able to assess my weaknesses so that we could work on them in our lessons, and this was extremely valuable in my studies.
My target score was mid 600’s, and I ended up scoring a 710 the first time I took the exam. A tutor alone will not get you a high score on the GMAT, but diligent self study of the homework Andrew gave compounded with fantastic lessons really helped boost my skills and confidence going into the test. The test is a huge test of nerves, so having this confidence in my abilities was invaluable on test day. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone that is willing to work hard to get their highest possible score.

Sam L.

I signed up for 14 hours of tutoring with Andrew. He really helped me stay focused in my last month of studying. I needed that extra push to bump up the math score. I was hitting 680 on practice tests before we started. After 3 weeks with Andrew I got a 720 on the GMAT. Worth the investment.

Grace A.

Thank you to Andrew for helping me achieve the GMAT score I wanted. After much hard work, I achieved a 700. Greatly appreciate all of his knowledge and guidance over the past few months. Highly recommend him for all your test prep needs!

Nick C.

As a humanities major with rusty math abilities, I was struggling to master the GMAT quant concepts on my own. After 5 sessions of quant-focused sessions with Andrew, I was able to achieve my target score of 720 on the actual test. He made me realize the importance of mastering the fundamental concepts before moving on to tougher problems and he pushed me to commit to a comprehensive study plan. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone seeking some extra guidance in his / her GMAT prep!

Kiersten H.

Working with Andrew for 2 months, today I got 700 (Q48,V38) on GMAT. For someone like me who hasn’t studied or used math since graduating from middle school, this is a miracle. Before meeting Andrew, I tried 3 math tutors and none of them was able to help me to improve my math score because they don’t have a general idea about where I am in math and are not good explainers. Andrew will quickly get an idea about your level by some simple tests, and then make a plan based on your target score. In teaching, he will walk you through each knowledge point combined with questions he prepared at each step. You might think it’s easy, but none of my previous tutor did this. Because it requires him to understand the scope of the test and be familiar and prepared with the question types of GMAT. What’s even more important is that he will encourage you constantly and give you confidence. He knows the test very well because he himself graduated from a top business school. I cannot do it without Andrew and cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Andrew! You are the best!

Jessica W.

I was studying on my own for months and scoring 700’s consistently on practice tests – I worked with Andrew every week in the ten weeks leading up to my official exam and got a 760! Andrew really helped me figure out where my weak points were and targeted the gaps in my knowledge and reasoning to significantly increase my score. He also gives a lot of great GMAT tips and strategies that are not necessarily intuitive, but will really boost your score and help you see through the test’s tricks and complications. He let me borrow a book to work through that addressed my problem areas and saved me purchasing the book myself. Very happy with these results, fantastic tutor.

Sydney H