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CFA Level II Retake

Yesterday I took the CFA Level II exam for the second time, and I think I have a good chance of passing this time. As expected, it was extremely challenging; out of the 120 questions, I would estimate that I outright guessed on about 12-15. However, on the remaining questions I felt good about my […]

CFA Level II Study Progress

In just under two weeks I will be retaking the Level II CFA exam. Last year, I studied about 150 hours and did not pass; I was in band 6/10. This year, I have put in a lot of additional hours studying, doing practice problems, memorizing formulas, and taking practice exams. I took the USC/CFALA […]

CFA Level II Exam Results

I took the CFA Level II exam at the beginning of June, and unfortunately I did not pass. This is a common result – I’ve talked to many CFA charterholders and virtually all of them failed Level II on their first try. The exam is incredibly difficult because there is a huge volume of material […]

CFA Level II Exam Study Progress

Last year I passed the CFA Level I exam with about 150 hours of study, working directly from the books provided by the CFA Institute. This year I am attempting to repeat the same process with the CFA Level II exam. It’s pretty well known that Level II is the most difficult of the three […]