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Review of GMATPrep Question Pack 1

A few months ago I wrote a review of the new GMATPrep software. In short, the GMAC added some great new features, but left one huge problem – the software doesn’t allow you to review the practice exams once you exit. This is a huge oversight – how can they expect anyone to have the mental energy to review the answers to a 3.5 hour exam? As a result, I’ve been recommending to students that instead of reviewing the exam right away, they take screenshots of all the questions they missed and save them for later.

GMAT Prep Question Pack 1That aside, the GMAC has now added a great new feature to GMATPrep – a Question Pack that is available as a downloadable add-on. The question pack is $30 and consists of 404 new GMAT sample problems that the GMAC says are “never-before-seen”. I can confirm that this is mostly true, although I did seem to recognize some of the problems from various online GMAT forums. However, the repeat questions were very small percentage of the 404 overall.

After spending some time with the Question Pack and working through the problems with several students, I’ve decided that it’s well worth the $30. There is one feature that has previously never been seen in any official GMAC study product: the questions are broken down by  easy/medium/hard. Of course, there are many test-prep company products that break down questions by difficulty, but this is the first time the writers of the actual exam have provided this level of detail. It’s such a good feature that I would now consider the Question Pack mandatory for anyone aiming for a 700+ GMAT score. Any  GMAT study plan could be improved by simply working through each level of question for Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Sentence Correction, etc. For example, do all the Problem Solving Easy questions, and carefully review the answers. Then do all the Data Sufficiency Easy questions, and so on.

GMATPrep Question Pack 1

There are approximately 35 questions each of easy/medium/hard for Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. For a student that wants to get a high GMAT score, I’d expect the percentage of correct answers should go something like this:

Easy: 90% correct

Medium: 70% correct

Hard: 50% correct

I’ve done some of the Hard problems and they truly are very difficult; some of them are logic puzzles that can’t be solved with standard GMAT test-taking techniques. But that’s what I’d expect – the GMAT is an adaptive exam on which you are supposed to start missing questions once you reach a certain level of difficulty. The difference between a 500-scorer and a 700-scorer is that the 700-scorer got most of the easier questions correct, and started missing questions once he or she reached the 700-level of difficulty. The 500-level scorer missed many of the easier questions, so he never even reached the 700-level problems.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Question Pack as a very valuable resource and a necessary part of any GMAT prep course.

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  • Sachin

    Matt, Thanks for the blog. Very well written..

    The hard questions are really hard. I just did 10 PS Questions . Got only 3 correct .. Damn!!
    To maintain ourselves at a 700 level during the test, how many questions do you think we can afford to miss , say, out of 10 at that level?
    My accuracy on medium level questions from question pack is 70-80%.
    So will the CAT put me into the 700-800 bucket?
    You said that if you need a high score you would need to have an accuracy as mentioned below:
    Easy: 90% correct
    Medium: 70% correct
    Hard: 50% correct

    My Accuracy is
    Easy 90+ %
    Medium 70-80%
    Hard : 30-40 % so far.. Where do you think I am currently ? 680?

    Best Regards,