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Retaking the CFA Level II Exam, June 2014

In June of this year, I will be retaking the CFA Level II exam. Last year, I studied for about 150 hours using just the CFA books themselves and did not pass. This year, I will be taking a CFA review course. It’s taught on the USC campus and is co-sponsored by the Los Angeles CFA Society.

I have blogged extensively about my CFA journey in the past. I managed to pass Level I with about 150 hours of study from just the CFA books, plus several practice exams. That didn’t work for Level II; there was more material and it was more difficult. However, I do have extensive notes from my attempt last year. So I think as long as I pay attention in class and carefully review my notes, I have an excellent chance of passing on the retake. I know which areas are weak for me: foreign exchange, derivatives, economics, and statistics. The reason the exam is so difficult is that I have no idea which of these subjects will actually appear on the exam. I could spend 20 hours learning about t-tests and f-tests and not even see that topic. But, I still have to spend those 20 hours learning stats because it might show up and randomly guessing is not a good strategy.

– Matt Kirisits