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Magoosh GMAT Review: An Excellent Full Length Online Course

Magoosh GMAT is an online video course for the GMAT that’s been around for several years. Their content has always been excellent, since they have a number of highly skilled instructors. They’ve also greatly improved their technology and video quality, and have a great iPhone app as well.


I watched several of the Magoosh videos on different topics and they are great. They have what you’d expect from a full-length course: a set of overview/intro videos, general strategies for each question type, and then individual videos for every sub-topic. For instance, the Quant section has some general math strategies, then individual videos on percents, fractions, inequalities, etc. One good thing is that the videos don’t tend to be very long, unless they need to be. Many of them are less than five minutes long. However, for a complicated topic like weighted averages, the video is around 12 minutes. The course is clearly designed by instructors that have spent a lot of time teaching the exam and know which topics need in-depth explanation.

A really cool feature is that you can get a transcript of each video in case you just want to read through the topic quickly.

The main instructor is Mike McGarry. Mike is one of those super-genius instructors that’s been teaching the exam for many years. The videos look like this (you can see many these for free if you sign up for the Magoosh trial):

Magoosh GMAT

The Youtube channel for Magoosh also has tons of videos, but they actually show a live instructor and a whiteboard. They post a video every Tuesday on a different topic and feature an energetic instructor. I highly recommend these videos.


Of note, access to the Magoosh course is very inexpensive. The cost is only $99 for full access to all videos for one year, including Quant and Verbal. You can buy the individual sections for $79, but I don’t know why you would do that when full access is only $20 more. If you’re interested in signing up for a one-week free trial, you can do that here.