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CFA Level III Study Progress Part 2

I’m continuing to put in the hours studying for the CFA Level 3 exam, which is about a month away now. Of course, I feel like I’m pretty far behind and have a long way to go. I’ve completed all the actual past CFA exams (morning sessions only) from 2012-2014 and did very poorly on them; I’m currently in the process of retaking them. Every time I complete a practice exam, I feel like there’s more new formulas and concepts that I need to memorize. I’m still in the 55%-60% scoring range and I need to significantly improve that in order to get to a passing score.

I’m also signed up to take two in-person practice exams. These will be full six-hour exams with both the morning and afternoon sessions. One of them is sponsored by the CFA Los Angeles Society, and the other is sponsored by Schweser. I’m not sure how they will grade the morning essay section; most likely they will just give us an answer key and it will be self-graded. I’m aiming to get score higher than 70% on both of these practice exams.



  • Adam

    Good luck, Matt. I scored 60% the my CFAI Level 2 mock. We still have time to improve.