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CFA Level III: Passed!

Yesterday I received the excellent news that I passed the CFA Level III exam. Since I have already gone through their application process and paid my dues, I am now officially a CFA charterholder. The entire process took five years so it’s a pretty big accomplishment for me.

My score breakdown was pretty typical for people that pass. In the morning essay section, my results were distributed between the three scoring bands (<50%, 50%-70%, >70%). Clearly there were a few questions that I crushed, but there were a couple questions that I must have flubbed badly. However, I made up for it in the afternoon multiple choice section. For the afternoon section, I scored >70% correct on every single topic, except for one 50%-70%.

I’ve heard this is a pretty common result with people that pass the exam. Very few people get a great score in the morning section. While I was studying, I completed every CFA practice exam from 2011-2015 and tried to learn their preferred format as well as I could. However, I think it was inevitable that the results would be mixed for the morning section of the actual exam. Thus, you really have to do well on the afternoon section.

– Matt Kirisits


  • Adam

    Congratulations, Matt!!! Must be a great feeling to have completed the program. I failed Level 2 Band six; it was my second attempt. I will take it again next year. Again, congratulations on completing the program, and hope to see more CFA content on this page.