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Magoosh GMAT Review: An Excellent Full Length Online Course

Magoosh GMAT is an online video course for the GMAT that’s been around for several years. Their content has always been excellent, since they have a number of highly skilled instructors. They’ve also greatly improved their technology and video quality, and have a great iPhone app as well. Videos I watched several of the Magoosh […]

GMAT Pill App Update – Drill Mode

I’ve previously written a review of the GMAT Pill online video course here. Since that review, their instructor Zeke Lee has continued to make updates to the course. Recently he’s added a new drill mode to the GMAT Pill App. In drill mode, the app presents a question and asks you to solve it within […]

Review of The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015

GMAC released new versions of the Official Guides a week ago, and for the past few days we’ve been testing the quality and usefulness of the material. Here are the facts about the new material and our evaluation. First of all, there are no new questions in this bundle. It contains exactly the same questions […]

GMAT iPhone and iPad App Reviews

I’ve recently been trying out some of the iPhone/iPad apps for GMAT prep. There’s too many of them to do in-depth reviews, but here are some quick impressions: 1) Veritas Prep GMAT app – Free app with lots of excellent free video content. The videos can be watched streaming or downloaded to your device. They […]

GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 Review

You can now buy two additional full length practice exams from in the form of the GMATPrep Exam Pack 1. This makes a total of 4 exams available from the GMAC itself. The new exams greatly enhance the value of the GMATPrep software and will be huge asset to future test takers; you no […]

Economist GMAT Tutor Review: An Innovative New Option For GMAT Prep

The Economist GMAT Tutor (7 day free trial available) is one of the most exciting new options for GMAT prep that I’ve found this year. It’s a full length, online, interactive course for the exam. The unique feature of the course is that it requires active learning: while proceeding through the material, the student must answer […]

GMAT Pill Review Update: Practice Pill, iPad App

A while back I wrote a post reviewing the GMAT Pill, which is a complete online video course for the exam. The founder of the GMAT Pill is Zeke Lee, who is also the instructor on all of the videos. Since I wrote the original review, Zeke has made some new updates and improvements. The GMAT […]

Review of GMATPrep Question Pack 1

A few months ago I wrote a review of the new GMATPrep software. In short, the GMAC added some great new features, but left one huge problem – the software doesn’t allow you to review the practice exams once you exit. This is a huge oversight – how can they expect anyone to have the mental […]

Review of the new GMATprep – v2

For many years, the most accurate GMAT test simulator has been the GMATPrep software available at GMATprep was an old DOS-based program that suffered from two major flaws: 1. At the end of the exam, it would display your Quant/Verbal score breakdown and your overall score just one time; once you clicked away, you […]

Review Of The New GMAT Official Guide 13th Edition

Yesterday I received my copy of the new GMAT Official Guide 13th Edition, which I had preordered. The book was originally listed as shipping in early April, so they moved the shipping schedule up by a week. I’ve spent a couple hours looking through the book and comparing it to the previous OG 12th Edition. […]