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QS World MBA Fair Coming To Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles and interested in attending an MBA fair, there’s a big one coming up on September 22. This is an opportunity to meet representatives from many different schools in the LA area – I have confirmed that both UCLA and USC will be at the fair. I would imagine that […]

GMAT Integrated Reasoning: An Improvement To The Exam

On June 5th, a new section called Integrated Reasoning will be added to the GMAT. At the same time, one of the 30-minute Analytical Writing essays will be removed. This change is unequivocally a good thing, and new GMAT students shouldn’t rush to take the exam before it changes. The developers of the GMAT (the […]

Los Angeles MBA Programs Overview

If you’re looking at MBA programs in Los Angeles, there are a few options to consider. The only two programs with national reputations are UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall, but there are several other programs with strong local reputations and extensive alumni networks. Before I discuss the schools and their respective rankings, I should mention […]

UCLA Anderson MBA 2011 News

Through the end of 2010, I worked with a number of GMAT students that are currently waiting to hear back on their applications. For UCLA in particular, Round 2 applications were due January 5th, and the official date for a decision is March 30th. However, any applicant still being considered for Round 2 should have […]

GMAT Data Sufficiency: Small Details In The Question Stem

When doing a GMAT Data Sufficiency problem, it is easy to miss important information provided by the the question stem. Many students immediately go to work on the two statements, without making note of critical facts in the question itself. This rush can lead you down the wrong path, since the stem often gives crucial […]

The Best $20 You Can Spend On GMAT Prep

As an aspiring GMAT test-taker, it can be hard to sort through the overwhelming amount of test prep materials that are available. In working as a GMAT tutor, I’ve met students that have used the books of all the major companies – Kaplan, Veritas, Princeton Review, and Manhattan GMAT. Often, they wonder exactly which are […]

GMAT 2011: What to Expect From the GMAT Exam in 2011

Recently, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (the authors of the GMAT exam) announced that a new section would appear on the GMAT in 2012. This section, Integrated Reasoning, is currently under development by the GMAC. However, for the time being, the GMAT exam in 2011 will retain the same format it has had since it […]

Improving from a GMAT Score of 650 to 700

Some GMAT students are able to get their score up to a 650 level without too much anguish; for others, it is a Herculean task. Using the most recent statistics from the GMAC, a 650 score is approximately the 80th percentile. The amount of study time required to reach this point can vary – it […]