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GMAT Divisibility Rules

Early in your GMAT prep for the Quantitative section, it is important to learn the rules of divisibility. The shorthand version is below: In order to be divisible by … 2 … the number is even 3: the sum of the digits are divisible by 3; i.e. 348 sums to 3 + 4 + 8 […]

GMAT Sentence Correction: The Correct Use Of ‘Which’

A concept that frequently arises on GMAT Sentence Correction problems is the use of the word which. Understanding how to use this word correctly can help improve your performance on Sentence Correction problems. First of all, the word which is a pronoun – more specifically, a relative pronoun. It can be singular or plural depending on the […]

Los Angeles GMAT Success Story

The below entry is quite long, so here’s a summary: One of my GMAT students was able to improve her score, but still fell short of her target. However, she was accepted to her MBA program of choice. In September of last year, a student contacted me for GMAT help. She had already taken the […]

GMAT Data Sufficiency: Small Details In The Question Stem

When doing a GMAT Data Sufficiency problem, it is easy to miss important information provided by the the question stem. Many students immediately go to work on the two statements, without making note of critical facts in the question itself. This rush can lead you down the wrong path, since the stem often gives crucial […]

The Best $20 You Can Spend On GMAT Prep

As an aspiring GMAT test-taker, it can be hard to sort through the overwhelming amount of test prep materials that are available. In working as a GMAT tutor, I’ve met students that have used the books of all the major companies – Kaplan, Veritas, Princeton Review, and Manhattan GMAT. Often, they wonder exactly which are […]

Improving from a GMAT Score of 650 to 700

Some GMAT students are able to get their score up to a 650 level without too much anguish; for others, it is a Herculean task. Using the most recent statistics from the GMAC, a 650 score is approximately the 80th percentile. The amount of study time required to reach this point can vary – it […]