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GMAT Pill App Update – Drill Mode

I’ve previously written a review of the GMAT Pill online video course here. Since that review, their instructor Zeke Lee has continued to make updates to the course. Recently he’s added a new drill mode to the GMAT Pill App. In drill mode, the app presents a question and asks you to solve it within […]

GMAT Pill Review Update: Practice Pill, iPad App

A while back I wrote a post reviewing the GMAT Pill, which is a complete online video course for the exam. The founder of the GMAT Pill is Zeke Lee, who is also the instructor on all of the videos. Since I wrote the original review, Zeke has made some new updates and improvements. The GMAT […]

Update: New Integrated Reasoning GMAT Pill Launched

Earlier this year, I wrote a review of the GMAT Pill, which is a comprehensive online GMAT video course developed by former GMAT tutor Zeke Lee. Previously, the course had 5 sections covering each of the five question types on the GMAT. The company has now launched a 6th video section for the new Integrated Reasoning question […]

GMAT Pill Review: An Online Video Course From A Former GMAT Tutor

(Updated March 2015) I originally reviewed the GMAT Pill in early 2012. Since that time, the company has made several updates and improvements to their product. Below is my updated review. – What Is the GMAT Pill? The GMAT Pill is essentially a complete online video course for the exam; it consists of six individual “pills”, one for […]