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10 Easy GMAT Sentence Correction Problems

Here’s some easy sentence correction problems I wrote. The answers are in a spoiler block at the end of the post. Feel free to email to post comments or email with questions. 1. The city of Memphis is located in the U.S. state of Tennessee, where the Mississippi and Wolf Rivers meet just south of […]

GMAT Pill Review: An Online Video Course From A Former GMAT Tutor

(Updated March 2015) I originally reviewed the GMAT Pill in early 2012. Since that time, the company has made several updates and improvements to their product. Below is my updated review. – What Is the GMAT Pill? The GMAT Pill is essentially a complete online video course for the exam; it consists of six individual “pills”, one for […]

Improving from a GMAT Score of 650 to 700

Some GMAT students are able to get their score up to a 650 level without too much anguish; for others, it is a Herculean task. Using the most recent statistics from the GMAC, a 650 score is approximately the 80th percentile. The amount of study time required to reach this point can vary – it […]