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CFA Level II Update

Since my last post, I’ve studied many more hours for the CFA Level II exam. I am finally coming to understand why this exam is so difficult. While there are only 20 item sets of 6 six questions each on the exam, the number of possible topics is at least 50 and possibly up to […]

CFA Level II Exam Study Progress

Last year I passed the CFA Level I exam with about 150 hours of study, working directly from the books provided by the CFA Institute. This year I am attempting to repeat the same process with the CFA Level II exam. It’s pretty well known that Level II is the most difficult of the three […]

CFA Level I Exam Results: Passed!

Yesterday I received the good news that I passed the CFA Level I exam. The exam is graded pass/fail, but they give you a breakdown of your % correct by topic area: Supposedly the minimum passing score (“MPS”) is about 70% correct, so the weighted average of the categories above must have exceeded the MPS. […]

CFA Level I Test Day Experience

After four months of hard work and studying for about 10-15 hours per week, I finally took the CFA Level I Exam on June 2nd. I won’t actually find out whether I passed or not until July 24 (about 7 weeks after the test). Just to recap, here are some quick facts about the test: […]

CFA Level I Exam Progress

It’s now exactly three weeks until the CFA Level I exam, so I thought I’d post about my progress. I’ve now managed to read through most of the material, which consists of 6 very thick books of about 500 pages each. I skipped a few chapters that I didn’t think were important, and I skipped […]

Taking the CFA Level I Exam, June 2012

I’ve been interested in beginning the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program for some time, and last month I finally signed up for the June 2nd test day. The cost of registering for the exam was $1215, which  included a required set of six books published by the CFA Institute. Additionally, I bought a financial calculator […]