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Update: New Integrated Reasoning GMAT Pill Launched

Earlier this year, I wrote a review of the GMAT Pill, which is a comprehensive online GMAT video course developed by former GMAT tutor Zeke Lee. Previously, the course had 5 sections covering each of the five question types on the GMAT. The company has now launched a 6th video section for the new Integrated Reasoning question […]

Review Of The New GMAT Official Guide 13th Edition

Yesterday I received my copy of the new GMAT Official Guide 13th Edition, which I had preordered. The book was originally listed as shipping in early April, so they moved the shipping schedule up by a week. I’ve spent a couple hours looking through the book and comparing it to the previous OG 12th Edition. […]

GMAT Integrated Reasoning: An Improvement To The Exam

On June 5th, a new section called Integrated Reasoning will be added to the GMAT. At the same time, one of the 30-minute Analytical Writing essays will be removed. This change is unequivocally a good thing, and new GMAT students shouldn’t rush to take the exam before it changes. The developers of the GMAT (the […]