Our tutors take a holistic approach, focusing not only on the specific content of the exam, but also on other areas that can help achieve a high GMAT score. This includes an overall 2-4 month study timetable, test-taking strategies, and MBA application strategy (when to take the exam and when to apply).



Our tutors are very familiar with both official GMAT materials (including the Official Guide and the GMATPrep software) and major test-prep company books. If you haven’t used algebra since high school, we can recommend specific Quant materials to get you up to speed quickly. Alternatively, if you are a non-native English speaker, we can recommend the best methods to improve your Verbal.



You should begin your studies by creating a calendar with specific milestones. Your tutor will help map out a general framework for progressing from Quant to Verbal, taking practice exams, reviewing content, and using additional test-prep resources and study guides.


calculation_2Test-Taking Strategy

The GMAT is a unique exam, and the CAT software requires some counter-intuitive adjustments. For example, you should expect to guess 2-3 questions in the middle of the Quant section in order to prevent timing pressure near the end. Our tutors can tell you why this actually helps improve your score. You can’t choose which questions you get on the exam, but you can choose which ones to quickly move past.


statistics_2MBA Application Strategy

It’s good to plan for one potential retake of the GMAT. For example, if you’re trying to meet Round 2 deadlines (usually mid-January), you should take the exam in mid-December before the holidays. This allows enough time for a retake. It’s very common for students to take the GMAT more than once, and you won’t be penalized by admissions committees. Your tutor can help you plan the best date to take the exam.

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