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GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 Review

You can now buy two additional full length practice exams from in the form of the GMATPrep Exam Pack 1. This makes a total of 4 exams available from the GMAC itself. The new exams greatly enhance the value of the GMATPrep software and will be huge asset to future test takers; you no longer have to rely on external practice test sources and their oddball questions.

I took the first exam in the new Exam Pack and scored a 750 (Q48, V45). I missed 12 questions on Quant and 5 questions on Verbal. Although the questions were brand new, they were familiar in the sense that they “felt” like Official Guide questions. There were some questions that were slight modifications of old Official Guide/ GMATPrep questions. For example, there were a few data sufficiency questions that had variations which resulted in an answer of “E” instead of “C”, or vice versa.

Taking this exam reinforced that you should never try to judge how you are doing in the middle of the test. The Quant section seemed incredibly difficult and thought I was doing poorly; you can see in the screenshot below that I was actually doing great until question 27. At that point I started to feel some time pressure; I even had to guess on questions 32-34 because I couldn’t make the math work. Yet, guessing on those three questions allowed me sufficient time to answer 35-37 correctly, and I scored a very strong Q48.

GMATPrep Quant Results

Earlier in the week I also took a practice exam from The Economist GMAT Tutor; on that exam I scored a 740 (Q50, V43). I thought the Economist test questions were a good representation of the actual exam. Their Quant section seemed a little bit easier and their Verbal seemed a little harder. The Economist offers a 7-day free trial of their course which includes the practice exam, so that’s a good option if you want to save a GMATPrep test.

Another big plus of the updated GMATPrep software is that you can now review your practice exams. Previously, once you exited the software, those questions were inexplicably gone. So kudos to the GMAC for finally fixing that oversight. I was very pleased when I discovered this new option – see the “Review your responses” button below:

GMATPrep Exam Results

However, there is apparently a bug in the software, because the questions are now gone once again. In fact, there’s no record of me actually taking the exam. I’m glad I took that screenshot.

Overall, the new Exam Pack 1, along with the Question Pack 1, is definitely a must-have for GMAT exam prep. The cost is $40 from