Questions & Answers

I am very happy to speak with you but please text first at 818-381-9321 – Andrew

How Many Hours Of Tutoring Should I Sign Up For?

The number of tutoring hours depends on the student’s specific needs. We recommend new students take a preliminary practice test to determine their skills level for both Quantitative and Verbal sections. Using this score report, we can suggest one of our tutoring packages and design a customized lesson plan to efficiently address the unique needs and skill level identified.

How Long Is Each Tutoring Session?

Typically, sessions last for 2 hours. We have determined that this is the optimal time for the most productivity. We understand that every student is different and shorter or longer sessions may be needed depending on the material covered, so our tutors are happy to make alternate arrangements. However, we can’t schedule sessions under 1 hour.

Where Does Tutoring Take Place?

We’re an in-home and online tutoring company. If the student resides in Los Angeles, our tutor can go to a student’s home, or meet in a mutually convenient location like a local library or coffee shop. Otherwise, tutoring sessions will be held via Gotomeeting.

When Do I Pay For Sessions? Do I Pay Directly To The Tutor?

Our tutors never accept payments directly from the students. All payments need to be submitted to our office. All of our tutoring plans are prepaid so the entire amount is paid upfront unless special payment arrangements have been made in advance.

Do You Offer Any Referral Incentives?

Yes. We offer a free tutoring hour or $100 tutoring credit (whichever bigger) for any successful referral. Please note that the referee needs to complete 10 hours of tutoring services before receiving the referral credit.

What If I Have To Cancel Or Arrive Late To A Tutoring Session?

We enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy for all scheduled tutoring sessions. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be billed as if they had occurred. In addition, the student is responsible for arriving on time to scheduled meetings (if not meeting at home) or the tutor’s waiting time will be counted as part of the tutoring hours.