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CFA Level I Exam Results: Passed!

Yesterday I received the good news that I passed the CFA Level I exam. The exam is graded pass/fail, but they give you a breakdown of your % correct by topic area:

CFA Level I Results

Supposedly the minimum passing score (“MPS”) is about 70% correct, so the weighted average of the categories above must have exceeded the MPS. Looking back through my posts about my study strategy, I see that I took the official practice test three weeks before the exam and only got 58% correct. After that, I made a concerted effort to thoroughly understand all of the questions I had missed; I read through the explanations, made over 100 flash cards, and redid the problems multiple times. Somehow that earned me enough extra points to pass the exam.

Overall I spent about 150 hours studing over the course of 4 months. I think that, just like the GMAT, the absolute best source of sample problems is from the test makers themselves.

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