Los Angeles GMAT Tutoring

The GMAT Tutor is a Los Angeles-based GMAT tutoring company founded by Matt Kirisits, a UCLA Anderson graduate. Matt specializes in the GMAT and can help you get a competitive score for UCLA Anderson, USC Marshall, Pepperdine Graziadio, Loyola Marymount, or any other local MBA program. Our rates are quite competitive and far less than the major test prep companies. 

Contact Matt through the form on the right for an initial chat about your MBA goals and target GMAT score. If you decide to do tutoring, there is no pre-set time commitment, but students typically do a total of 10-14 hours. References are available upon request, and you can read testimonials from some of Matt’s former students. For answers to the most common questions, read the FAQ below.

FAQ about GMAT Tutoring:

1. Is there a minimum number of hours?

A: No. We generally like to do 10-14 hours of GMAT tutoring over the course of 2 months. However, we have many students that just want to do 2-3 tutoring sessions within a couple weeks.

2. What is the rate?

A: Matt’s rate for individual tutoring on the West side is $80/hr; if you can only meet a tutor elsewhere, the hourly rate will be higher. Compare those rates to Manhattan GMAT private tutoring ($215/hr with a minimum 10 hours) or Veritas tutoring ($210/hr with a minimum 14 hours). Large test prep companies have huge overhead costs that we don’t have. We may offer a discount for longer-term students.

3. How do I know your tutors are qualified?

A: All of our tutors have extensive experience tutoring the GMAT exam. Matt is a UCLA Anderson MBA graduate and went through the process of taking the GMAT, applying to MBA programs, getting accepted into UCLA Anderson, and earning his MBA degree (UCLA, 2009).

4. Where do you meet students?

A: Matt does most his tutoring in Santa Monica; other tutors can be flexible to as to the location around LA. The hourly rate for tutoring will be higher in other locations.

5. What books do you use?

A: We use the Official Guide to the GMAT, 13th Edition, the Official Guide Quantitative and Verbal books (2nd editions), Total GMAT Math from GMAT Hacks, and a few books from other test prep companies. We also have numerous question banks and other resources that we’ve collected over the years.

Here are some former student testimonials:

“Hi Matt, I’ve been wanting to write and let you know that I got a 710 (93%) on the GMAT! I’m happy with that result. I actually did really well on the verbal (95%) and okay on the math (81%). I got a 630 on my first practice exam, so it was clearly very helpful to spend time with you learning how to approach the exam. Now I am on to applications with the confidence that I am in the running. 710 is the average for both Berkeley and UCLA. Thanks for teaching the GMAT class this semester.”

- Jessica K, Los Angeles, CA (Accepted into UCLA MBA program)

“I reached out to Matt in September 2010.  At that time I had taken the GMAT test twice, scoring in the 20 percentile.  I had taken Manhattan GMAT but did not maximize all their resources.  I decided to find a tutor to help me stay focused and force me to study because it was clear that I was unable to do that.  Matt provided a schedule of homework assignments for me which really helped me stay on top of my studying. He was always very responsive whenever I email or call him and has a genuine interest in helping me get the target score.  Matt’s positive attitude and outlook helped me believe in myself and my overall confidence with the GMAT.  As a result I was able to get into the MBA school of my choice and I have Matt to thank for that.  I did have a GMAT tutor before Matt but he wasn’t as thorough with his GMAT explanations nor as organized.  I would recommend Matt to any student that is studying for the GMAT.  If I had known about Matt before Manhattan GMAT, I would have signed up with Matt without hesitation.”

- Linh H., Accepted into CSUN MBA Program

“My goal was to apply to several schools in the San Diego area, and my target score was 600. I had taken the GMATand scored a 500, and I knew I could improve my score on the math section. I contacted Matt and spent four 2-hour sessions working through practice questions. I learned some tips and techniques for solving difficult questions, and improved my timing as well. I retook the GMAT, scored a 620, and am currently applying to local schools with that score.”

- Ryan C., San Diego, CA

“I studied a total of 16 private hours with Matt. Honestly, Matt is a great teacher. Super flexible on schedule, always on time, and always came prepare with more material, questions, forms, etc. He taught me techniques that were extremely helpful in both math and English – for English the sentence correction especially. Critical reasoning and reading comprehension are pretty self explanatory, so we focused more on math and sentence correction.”

-Bryan N., San Diego, CA

“Hi Matt, just got the confirmation that I got into the UCLA FEMBA program. Thanks for all your help. Couldn’t have done it without it. Cheers!”

- Ajit V., San Diego, CA (Accepted into UCLA MBA program)